Do you need to hire a public relations and marketing firm?

Every organization needs a highly qualified and dedicated PR and marketing professional on its team. Unfortunately, many small organizations operate with limited budgets that simply do not allow for the salary, benefits and other expenses associated with hiring a full-time PR and marketing professional.

Many organizations attempt “homegrown” PR and marketing – duties often absorbed into the responsibilities of staff members, regardless of their experience and expertise. This not only takes staff away from their primary roles, it means your marketing initiatives are limited, inconsistent and ineffective.

Outsourcing PR and marketing is a viable solution, allowing you to employ experienced professionals and execute the highest quality initiatives at a fraction of the cost.


Public relations and marketing are crucial to your success.

Your company’s success and stability ultimately depends on the actions of your end-users. A business can’t exist without customers; a trade association can’t exist without members; a social service agency can’t exist without donors.

It is only through public relations (PR) and marketing that you can reach these people, bring them into the fold and keep them engaged. PR and marketing professionals use a variety of tools—print materials, social media, paid advertisements, direct sales, mailings, media relations, trade shows, emails, signage and more—to help you reach your target audience. Ballyhoo will help you maximize your success using these types of tools with a comprehensive and strategic approach.